SoftLock Culling System

*Over two years of design, testing, and modifications. 

*Field tested by numerous anglers on both sides of the Can/Am border.

*Patent Pending innovations developed to care for your catch


Simplicity at it's best

Simplistic design for One Hand operation

Unique Soft Tipped Arms Protecting your Catch

The wide face keeps the clip in place with and integrated opening for positive water flow for the fish

Low profile flat arms allows fish to breath easily while the culling clip is locked in place


Colored for Ease Use

The SoftLock clips are colored, exactly matching the specially designed marker bobbers (coming soon)

Colors are selected for use in low light conditions as well these colors work for those who are Color Blind  to varying degrees


No Harm Design

True NO-Harm design

Soft Rubber Arms protect the fish

Clips lock around the lower jaw, not onto the jaw  

The Soft Rubber Tips do not pinch skin of the fish.

Flat inner edge ensures the clip sits in place 

Small size let the fish move freely