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Our PalmFree SunGlove is gaining popularity for protecting the non-leather gloved hand of a golfer. Recognizing a golfer is easy as one hand is usually lighter than the other from wearing a glove. What about that non-gloved hand? Wearing sunscreen on the non-gloved hand is just not practical: the cream or residue from the spray migrates its way on to the palm affecting the grip and performance.

This glove allows excellent palm contact with the club grip which enables the golfer to be fully confident in their swing while protecting the skin on the back of the hand.

In any dermatology practice golfers tend to be frequent flyers. Why? The excessive amount of sun takes a toll on those that spend 4 – 6 hours in the sun playing golf on a regular basis. The PalmFree™SunGlove is an easy way to protect your non-gloved hand. I encourage you to give these a try.

Our single golf gloves are exactly like our Active styled gloves for other sports.  If you would like to protect both hands when not golfing or you don’t wear a regular golf glove then please choose the Active color and size from our SHOP page.

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